Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amsterdam Hotels - The Minos and Amsterdam Central Bed & Breakfast

The Amsterdam Central Bed and Breakfast offers travelers cozy rooms in the center of the city. Within easy walking distance are Central Station, the Ann Frank House and Madame Tussaudes. Nearby is Marcel’s Creative Exchange Bed and Breakfast. This house is an official city landmark. Built in the 1600s and restored in the late 1800s, this unforgettable house is a destination favored by artists from all over the world. Marcel’s is an experience in culture as well as history. The Bed and Breakfast Kwint was a doctor’s villa in 1923. Built by the famous architect B.T. Boeyinga, this charming villa is also a state monument.

The Minos Bed and Breakfast is located in the old center of Amsterdam, near the Amstel River. This inexpensive bed and breakfast is a renovated 17th century canal house, and is also within walking distance of several popular tourist sites. Also centrally located on the canal is the popular Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam. Just a few minutes by train from the city center and museums, this bed and breakfast offers couples a romantic retreat in the evening. The Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam’s sister house, Treetops Bed and Breakfast is located a short walk away from Vondelpark and the Schinkel canal, one of Amsterdam’s few remaining working canal.

Amsterdam’s many bed and breakfasts offer travelers Old World charm in a cosmopolitan city. Travelers may choose from sophisticated villas or charming canal houses, all located in and near the heart of one of the world’s hottest travel destinations.

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